Committed to Value


Online means savings - Our online process cuts out the middlemen, so you get a lower
price from the start. No commissions, no pressure, and no hidden fees. Saving you big
cash on average compared to traditional dealerships.

Committed to Value


Online means savings - Our online process cuts out the middlemen, so you get a lower
price from the start. No commissions, no pressure, and no hidden fees. Saving you big
cash on average compared to traditional dealerships.



I Auction Cars, (INTERNET AUCTION CARS) has only one standard when it comes to the quality of our cars--the highest value with accurate representation as we know it. That means you can purchase with supreme confidence when shopping our inventory for the right car for you. What you can count on is there is no known misrepresentation of any of our vehicles. I Auction Cars sales program is honest, convenient, flexible and personalized. Designed to make your experience fast and transparent whether you are buying from home or visiting our dealership. the possibilities are limitless.



Each vehicle we sell goes through a pre-sales inspection so that you can be 100% confident in knowing what we know of the condition of your vehicle. We represent the vehicles we offer accurately and with no misrepresentation. All the vehicles sold are clearly offered without warranty or with warranty. Our customers can be confident that we never hide or mask any vehicle conditions we are aware of. Customer common sense and practicing due diligence is recommended with a thorough research of your vehicle history with a car fax or similar. This helps all buyers feel more confident in their purchase. (Individual vehicle inspections are available in most areas at an additional cost.)

We always offer great values and phenomenal prices Whenever buying used vehicles may or may not need certain amounts of attention. Our customers can feel confident that we advise the overall condition as we know it. Our “every car,” inspection typically includes are keys present, does it start on its own or with a jump, will it move froward and backward on its own, any noises rattles or leaks we see we share with you. Reporting of any warning lights on such as the check engine light, brakes, and oil pressure. Do the windows and seat tracks work, is the AC cold, does the heater work. Should we have any previous owner statement/ of the condition or history of their car before we received it we include this in the opinion then a state of fact/s description. Pictures, Videos and walk arounds are submitted whenever they are available.

Bottom line is value and fair cost. If you are seeking out vehicles at great prices for yourself or to flip, then we here at I Auction Cars is the best place for you. You can count on fair pricing and accurate descriptions.


"Worry Free" GUARANTEE

Our guarantee is one where you can be "Worry Free,” and have peace of mind that we accurately describe our vehicles. Here at I Auction Cars (Internet Auction Cars) we represent the vehicles we sell accurately. We suggest that buyers use their own due diligence whether buying from us or any vehicle retailer. Using resources such as free for blue book value, and you have the option to pay for your own car fax that can show the overall condition, recalls, service, recorded mileage, past repairs and or accident history (if any). All our used vehicles are sold with warranty or "As Is," and without warranty. Clearly stated in writing with each vehicle. New or Used vehicles have hundreds of moving parts and one of those parts may fail at any time.


We facilitate company and private party car sales at Auction. Email us and we will get you that information. Hassle free and fast!


Just fill out our DONOR FORM. Then we contact you and handle all paperwork and keep you in the loop throughout the process... Your car is picked up for free fast. Tax Deductions – Your Choice of IRS Approved 501 (C3) organizations Charity.


Rest assured we are licensed, bonded and insured Wyoming Car Dealership. Standing strong with every vehicle we sell.



If the buyer is not taking direct delivery of the vehicle, they buy from us then shipping is a great option. It can be across town with a simple local tow company or open or closed shipper to another state or even another country. Our shippers are pre-approved, and you can count on them. Throughout the delivery process we are here to help. Do you have your own shipper? We are glad to help facilitate that shipper as well. Our best shipping suggestions for you are FR8STAR and USHIP. We want you to have quick pick up and delivery when buying from I AUCTION CARS. Our relationship with FR8STAR is more personal. All buyers are given the professional touch where they FR8STAR contact you directly and help you through the process of getting your car, truck, van, boat, motorcycle, construction, or farm equipment to
your destination.

Buy your items here! Ship your item using USHIP or FR8STAR!

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